Letter from President


Next year will mark Scheck’s 36th year in business. It is exciting to see all the new faces that have come into the company over the past twenty years, many in the last five years. I have, however, reached a cross roads in my career where I am no longer just welcoming the new faces that are coming aboard, but saying goodbye to some that have brightened the halls of Scheck and helped steer this wonderful ship to countless years of success. Without the efforts of all of these talented employees, Scheck would not be what it is today. Many associate the word retirement as a bad word or phrase, not because they have not earned it, but I believe that their profound work ethic and steadfast loyalty gives them the feeling that they are somehow letting us down. Nothing could be further from reality then that. We collectively at Scheck are joy filled that you have reached the opportunity in life to spend more time with your families and to take the time to travel, relax, celebrate and enjoy all the things you have worked so hard to achieve. If it were not for every one of you, we would not be here, and if we cannot watch with envy all of the wonderful journeys that you will embark on, what would we all have to look forward on. Travel, live, love and experience all of the things that make you happy. We wish you all a long and exciting journey, but above all, the health and happiness to enjoy it!

As we move forward, my focus will always be on Scheck’s main drivers: safety, quality and innovative solutions. Scheck always has and always will be about their employees. They are our number one resource. We will diligently reinvent the culture of safety that we have established, because reinvention spurs awareness. The safety of our people will ALWAYS be our number-one concern, and 2020 will be a year dedicated to safety excellence like no other at Scheck. This is a high bar to set because our past performance has been so great, but I know we are all up to the challenge.

My message to you, our partners and our own Scheck team, is the same as it was the last time I wrote this letter, thank you! Thank you for all you do to make this great company a strong, viable, happy place to come to everyday. Thank you for providing countless numbers of people a great living, and thank you for all of the relationships we have been able to build and those that are yet to come.


Randy C. Peach