Bob Hite
Manager-National Labor Relations

Bob Hite is Scheck Industries’ national labor relations manager.  Bob has developed relationships with all levels of the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL/CIO.  From Sean McGarvey, president BCTD, to several of its International Union’s general presidents, Bob has formed partnerships with the construction trades’ leaders.  Bob is a board member at the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee where he works hand in hand with the policy makers of the labor movement.  Associations at the top are just a start; he has formed alliances on the local level as well.  It is a real advantage to be able to call anywhere in the country and make things happen.  He has successfully leveraged these strategic partnerships into an organizational resource.  Harmonious and productive union relations are used as a sales tool to market Scheck Industries.  Union Officials readily communicate possible project opportunities to Scheck, because of the positive labor interaction.  Bob also serves on the Government Affairs Committee at The Association of Union Contractors (TAUC) and the MCA Chicago Safety Committee.  He is a retired member of UA Pipefitters LU 597, the Chicago Federation of Labor and the Chicago Construction Safety Council. 

Bob started with Scheck in 1999 as the site manager/senior superintendent, at the Androscoggin Energy co-generation facility in Jay, Maine.  After completion there, he went on to supervise the Cogeneration America Expansion in Morris, Illinois.  He then managed several combined cycle power projects as well as many large refinery projects across the United States before his appointment as Scheck Industries’ labor relations manager.  Before joining Scheck, Bob was construction manager for several national contractors.  Projects include steel mills, refineries, fossil fuel and nuclear power stations. Bob believes the coming years are going to be the most exciting ever for the construction industry and he wants to be in the middle of all that enthusiasm.  He is one of the few remaining in our industry that actually has experience in building new refineries and both coal-fired and nuclear power stations.