Randy C. Peach
President/CEO of Scheck Industries

Randy Peach is the President/CEO of Scheck Industries and its family of Companies. He has over 30 years of extensive construction expertise and experience in heavy industrial piping, boiler and process controls construction at all levels. Prior to his assuming the role of President/CEO, he served as Vice President of Scheck Industries, and has been instrumental in the most successful years in Scheck’s history.

Randy began his career as an apprentice pipefitter, working his way through the ranks where he excelled at all levels. If you would ask Randy what he is most proud of in his career, he would say he is proud to have spent his years in the business working with some of the best people the industry has to offer, soon after stating that; “he learned from every single one of them”. Randy is proud to be working today, with many of the same people he has known since his first day on the job.

Randy started with Scheck in 2001; recruited to bolster a rapidly growing presence in the cogeneration and refinery markets. Utilizing his expertise in construction, he quickly paved the way for Scheck into many new emerging markets, attracting talent and assisting our Founder Richard Scheck in the growth and success of a rapidly changing company.

Fast forward to today, Randy now steers the Scheck ship, taking over the reins of President and CEO of the Scheck companies from Richard Scheck in 2014. Randy steered the company through the recession and by consolidation and reorganization, he has lead the company into its strongest position in its history. Richard selected Randy for the position because he knew his character, his strength, and his heart for the people and the business. Richard said, “All the talent in the world will not make up for a lack of character. Randy indeed has the talent, but his character is what sets him apart.” Richard remains one of Randy’s most trusted advisors, having developed a mutual respect and friendship that bonds them together with their values and vison for the Scheck companies.

Randy believes in the industry, and that the safety and growth of the employees is what will foster its future. Randy dedicates himself to the safety and betterment of all that work for Scheck, ever mindful of changing trends and innovations that will lead our teams safely to excellence.