Scheck’s Proven Commitment to Safety

Scheck Industries believes that responsible Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) practices go hand in hand with growth and profit, and are important for the Company’s long-term success. The protection of Safety, Health, and the Environment is one of Scheck Industries’ highest priorities and we strive to develop a workplace where all employees are continuously involved in improving SH&E performance.

Scheck Industries is committed to the concept that all injuries can be prevented. No injury is treated as an acceptable event in the execution of the work. Our performance expectation: there will be no injuries on our jobsites.

Scheck Industries continues to develop its award winning “Job Aids for Working Safely” (J.A.W.S.™) program. Along with more than thirty safety awards in the recent years, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America named Scheck’s J.A.W.S. program the most innovative safety program in 2008. 

No matter how big or how small, in evaluating a new project, the first question is always, “Can it be built safely?” Thanks to the leadership, management and employees here at Scheck who are willing to put in the hard work, we can confidently answer that question, “yes.”

— Joe Lasky, Jr., CSP, CHMM, Director, Corporate Safety, Health and Environment


Safety Awards
At Scheck, our recognition for safety represents the tireless efforts of our management and field personnel to ensure that all of our employees return home safely every day.
Each employee receives a copy of our Employee SH&E Handbook and is trained on its contents. Our SH&E department conducts the specialized training required for high risk projects due to toxics, flammables, confined spaces, high work, or complex energy control situations.
Incentive Program
Scheck Industries has a formal web-based safety incentive program to increase individual employee awareness of the safety program and to reinforce the performance of those workers who are accident-free.
Job Aids for Working Safely (J.A.W.S.™) program
Our Safety, Health, and Environmental Program Manual is updated regularly to comply with OSHA, EPA and other government or local standards. Our J.A.W.S.™ program  contains the information, procedures and forms that our managers and supervisors need to safely perform their work.
Driven To Be Safe
As Scheck Industries has grown, so has its involvement in the racing community. In 2006, Scheck Industries signed Clint Bowyer as a corporate spokesperson.