ScheckTRAC® System

Find out more about ScheckTRAC™ system

Find out more about ScheckTRAC system

The need for accurate and timely cost reporting as well as progress tracking is a critical element of delivering a successful project, especially with the massive amounts of electronic data in large and complicated capital industrial construction work. Fabrication and construction of mechanical processes and their numerous sub-components pose multiple obstacles unique to the specialty of industrial construction.

ScheckTRAC® costs and project controls system, a best in class system, provides Scheck and its clients with real time cost tracking, seamless one-time payroll entry, state-of-the-art productivity tracking, absentee analysis and other customized tracking data. ScheckTRAC® system can integrate electronically with virtually any Windows compatible software. As a web-based solution, ScheckTRAC® system provides our clients with instant access to the critical information required to manage comprehensive cost entries and enhance client service. Project performance measurement is accomplished through strict work processes, including our proprietary ScheckTRAC® Commercial Control and Tracking System, which provides objective quality data throughout a project’s life cycle.

ScheckTRAC® System – Project Control System

Scheck Industries’ project execution model is based on accountability and continuous improvement at both individual and collective levels. ScheckTRAC® system captures craft hours for activities not included in the project’s control estimate. Craft hours expended on these activities are categorized by root cause, discipline, and any other project breakdown that may be useful for analysis, e.g., unit, construction area, etc. This database, developed in real time with project execution, is routinely analyzed for trends so that corresponding corrective measures can be established.

Construction Planning and Scheduling

  • Focused Project Execution
  • Effective Management and Control Processes
  • Insightful Reporting
  • Aggressive Team Building
  • Computerized Project Control Systems