Facility Maintenance

Scheck Industries’ expertise in industrial, commercial and institutional maintenance services and management is integral in assisting our clients maintain excellence in their plant and facility operation. Our unfailing drive for customer satisfaction minimizes clients’ costs while increasing reliability and productivity.

In a service line where competition is driven primarily by cost, plant maintenance is clearly an issue of strategic importance. Cost is reflected not only in the hourly rate for the mechanic, but also in equipment reliability, downtime required for repairs and overtime for emergency repairs. Scheck Industries has emerged as a pacesetter with its contract maintenance approach to cost-effective and reliable plant operation. Since 1984, Scheck Industries has offered clients predictive and preventive maintenance programs reducing maintenance costs and process deterioration, and establishing stringent quality measures. Our steady workforce of multi-skilled, union craftsmen assures continuity, control and accountability. Scheck Industries provides full-time support, routine or periodic maintenance, or even help with a specific problem on an emergency basis. We are the complete source for professional and cost-effective total plant maintenance services.

  • Reliability centered maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Computerized maintenance management systems
  • Duty/task analyses
  • Shutdown planning and coordination
  • Maintainability and operability reviews
  • Subcontractor procurement and coordination
  • Material and warehousing management
  • Facility maintenance