Driven To Be Safe

Victory Lane for Scheck Industries – 7 million man hours in the field without a lost-time injury in 7 years

No matter how big or how small, in evaluating a new project, the first question on the minds of Scheck Industries senior management team is always, “Can it be built safely?” Thanks to the hard work of our leadership, management and employees, the answer is yes and our safety record remains strong as we continue to mark important milestones and win awards.


The Tools of the Trade – Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Fire Suit, Gloves, Harness, Communication

Knowing Scheck Industries Founder and Chairman of the Board Richard Scheck’s love of motor sports, the senior management team devised a uniquely innovative message combining the thrill of racing with the organization’s commitment to Safety.

In 2006 after a long affiliation with NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace, Scheck Industries signed Clint Bowyer as a corporate spokesperson. Scheck’s involvement with NASCAR provides a highly visible platform for the Company to promote the importance of safety for team members, clients and partners. Our relationship with NASCAR star Clint Bowyer, allows expansion into new markets through clients, other sponsors and brand-loyal racing fans.

As one of the safest contractors in the country, Scheck Industries is known for going above and beyond the norm by re-investing in its program and communicating the significance of its safety culture.

Bowyer’s high regard for safety is easy to see when he visits Scheck project sites and speaks to the Trade Craft Teams, sometimes over a 1000 strong, about their daily safe work plans. Bowyer has spoken at numerous capital construction sites throughout the U.S. on behalf of Scheck, including operations meetings and social events, stressing the importance of safety.

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J.A.W.S.® program: Job Aids for Working Safely

In 2008,  the Company developed Job Aids for Working Safely program, which includes J.A.W.S.® program Daily Talks and project protocol to keep workers aware of all safety related matters on a minute-by-minute basis. J.A.W.S.® program has been lauded by clients and peers as one of the most proactive safety programs in the construction market.