Job Aids for Working Safely – The J.A.W.S.® program

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Our Safety, Health and Environmental Program Manual originally compiled in 1984 has been constantly revised through the years to comply with OSHA, EPA, and other government/local standards, and customer and company needs and experiences.  In 2008, Scheck Industries put a new face on this Safety, Health, and Environmental Program.  Scheck’s new program, part of its innovative industrial and commercial construction services, is called Job Aids for Working Safely or J.A.W.S.® program.  With components that include J.A.W.S.® program Daily Talks, weekly J.A.W.S.® program Job Aids complete with a quiz, and J.A.W.S.® program Alerts for quick action, Scheck has taken safety to state-of-the-art status. The J.A.W.S.® program contains the information, procedures and forms that our managers and supervisors need on and off site to safely perform their work delivering industrial and commercial services to clients.  Customers using our services know the services come with our J.A.W.S.® program.


Hazard Recognition

Pre-Job Safety Analysis/Risk Mitigation Plan

We prepare initial comprehensive Job Safety Analyses (JSA)/Risk Mitigation Plans (RMP) for every project. These JSAs/RMPs are reviewed with the site supervisors to assure that they understand the hazards involved and our mitigation plans.

Daily Safe Work Plan & Pre-Task Safety Analysis

Our job supervisors start each shift every day with a formal written Daily Safe Work Plan (DSWP) and Pre-Task Safety Analysis (PTSA). The Daily Safe Work Plan/Pre-Task Safety Analysis provides a documented record of our proactive approach to performing job tasks in the safest way possible.

The work area, emergency numbers, and special procedures are logged in. Job hazards are identified and required controls or safety precautions are addressed. Then the job tasks and work to be performed are reviewed collectively by all employees assigned to that supervisor. Every worker on the crew signs the signature section.


All supervisors are required to complete a formal Safety, Health & Environmental Assessment (audit) on a weekly basis. It is expected that corrective actions will be taken immediately on all identified inadequacies or deficiencies.

Our Safety, Health, and Environmental Department performs audits  on every project, no matter how large or small. Our safety, health, & environmental professionals assess the work in progress, make a physical hazards inventory, and perform a manager’s review of all expected safety documentation. This includes daily safe work plans, J.A.W.S.® program Talks, J.A.W.S.® program Job Aids, supervisor assessments, lift inspections, and more.  Training or re-training is conducted if the assessments determine a need. Assessment findings are documented and reports are distributed to upper management.

Incident Investigation & Reporting

Scheck Industries is committed to the prevention of harm to workers, damage to equipment, and loss of process. It is, therefore, necessary to address all incidents as if they were losses. That includes near-misses, first aids, and serious or lost-time incidents. We require that all incidents, including near-misses, be investigated as if the potential loss occurred and that all corrective actions are initiated.