Vinny Serna
Vice President of Construction Services

Vincent “Vinny” Serna is Scheck Industries’ Vice President of Construction Services. He has over 20 years of project experience both as a constructor and as an owner’s representative. Vinny is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). He started with the company over 10 years ago. He first worked for Scheck Industries as an outside project management consultant and then, in 2008, he joined Scheck’s management team full-time. Through his tenure, Scheck’s performance has improved notably year after year, while bringing the company to new levels of advancement.

Vinny provides subject matter expertise, support and oversight to company-wide project teams to ensure compliance with corporate policies and procedures. Vinny coordinates all financial reporting across all the Scheck operating companies and is responsible for the analysis and reporting of all project finances. His functions include: P&L; forecasting and trending; earned value; change management and monthly WIP.

Since joining Scheck, Vinny has been an integral part of the continual improvement process. He has been instrumental in the development and advancement of Scheck’s innovative cost management system, ScheckTRAC™ system, and has set benchmarks for performance across all divisions to assure customer satisfaction.