ScheckTrac allows Exxon to maintain their HVAC system efficiently

Thanks to Michael J. Carbine with Scheck Service for his contributions

Ron Wintercorn, who runs Scheck Industries Service Division, has over 35 years experience in the Commercial HVAC, Boiler, and Refrigeration. He started in the trade as a member of Pipefitters Local 597. The Service Division continues year over year growth with a formidable team continually seeking new ways to provide service to lower cost While increasing productivity.

Scheck Industries Service Division has been performing work for the ExxonMobil refinery in Joliet, IL since June, 2010. ExxonMobil was looking for an effective way to manage their complicated HVAC needs where maintenance challenges are compounded because of the tough environment associated in with refineries. As the needs of our service clients have become more sophisticated, Scheck Industries has developed a state-of-theart tool for tracking maintenance, capital improvements, preventative maintenance labor and cost expenditures by specific components and bundled groups of equipment.

Exxon began to understand the diverse capabilities of Scheck. They realized this group was not just another contractor but an organization dedicated to understanding Exxon’s critical business needs. Ultimately, they chose Scheck because they realized the Company was motivated to learn as much as possible about the operation and not to just getting a contract. An organization focused on educating themselves on the issues will always bring more value by means of innovation such as in the case of ScheckTrac and the needs of ExxonMobil.


Scheck’s Team listened and learned all of Exxon’s service challenges. After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation for the client, the Scheck Team soon realized there would be enormous advantages to the client through the utilization of our system. ScheckTrac was customized for the facilities extensive service requirements. It was programmed to tag and monitor each individual piece of equipment at the Joliet facility, concurrently tracking the type of work performed. The use of ScheckTrac allowed Exxon and Scheck to maintain a readily available and real-time history of repair and maintenance costs. Utilizing the historical data gathered in the system, ExxonMobil is able to identify equipment whose repair cost is higher than the replacement expense. The system is paying dividends for ExxonMobil as savings are being realized by replacing socalled “bad actors” before the cost benefit of “servicing’ outweighs replacement.

With the mere push of a button ScheckTrac delivers real time reporting on all critical equipment’s maintenance records including date, time, employee name, material, or customized data fields for client specific needs. Secondarily, efficiencies are being brought to bear because quality maintenance is driving down repair cost. Additionally, budget allocation is focused towards preventative maintenance because our data allows us to make intelligent decisions about servicing a process and equipment before it fails which is always more costly to repair and often results in downtime.

Scheck and ExxonMobil collectively implemented ScheckTrac, a web-based software replacing the old paperfile demand work order system. Our cooperative initiative resulted in the shared objective of accurate equipment information and maintenance intervals best suited toward efficient and cost-effective maintenance. This joint exercise, based on trust and communication, enables ExxonMobil to identify and implement key service efficiencies without sacrificing operations integrity. The Scheck Industries is recognized as a leader in safety, using the J.A.W.S. program coupled with on-site LPS safety systems. The Scheck team has performed with a zero incident rate and received recognition for several quality “near loss” situations, that were identified, reported, and rectified proactively. Scheck Industries dynamic and growing service division excels in servicing a wide variety of equipment from intrinsically safe custom machines, to multiple chiller DDC applications – all the way down to the window units. Scheck will always provide the highest level of mechanical service while putting safety first.