Scheck Lands And Perform Under Contract With BP Whiting

With patience, perseverance and professionalism, Scheck is currently working in 9 Refineries throughout the country.

The strategy to open a new office with key management talent in Northwest Indiana is paying off. Scheck Industries is pleased to announce a contract award with BP in Whiting, Indiana for multiple Flare Stack Recovery Systems.


CEO and Founder, Rich Scheck states, “What’s interesting is it seems as though the Refining Industry, as a whole, is buying-off on Scheck’s capabilities as one of the safest and productive Contractors in the United States – our Refining Group is currently performing in nine different refineries. This is a testament to our entire team especially our guys and gals in the field.”

The Scheck Project Team has prepared itself for the BP Project as if it is the ultimate test expending numerous hours in planning and pre-job activities. The project is taking place in six different areas of the facility. Scheck is installing a project mandated by the EPA requiring the Whiting Refinery to put processes and equipment in place to meet certain flare emissions. This project focuses on continuously monitoring flare gas composition rates and flame in six operating refinery units. The units consist of the Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit, Vapor Recovery Unit, Alky, UIU, #4 Ultraforming Unit and the Distillate Unit. At its peak the project will have up to 50 men and woman. Scheck has had up to 15 Iron Workers installing pipe racks, pipe rack additions, miscellaneous pipe supports and adding new platforms. Scheck also has 30 pipefitters installing piping, tubing and instrumentation to each unit.