Scheck Industries Announces Appointment of New President

Scheck Industries Announces Appointment of a New President

COUNTRYSIDE, IL—(September 24, 2014)—Scheck Industries, a full-service national industrial piping, mechanical, boiler and process controls construction contractor, announces that Randy C. Peach has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the Scheck Companies.
Mr. Peach has over 25 years of extensive construction expertise and experience at all levels, including field and management. For the past 13 years, he served as vice president of operations of Scheck Industries, and has been instrumental in the success of Scheck Industries. He will report to the board of directors led by Chairman Richard N. Scheck, who will step down as president.

“Randy is an exceptional leader – both within our organization and in the industrial construction industry as a whole,” Chairman Scheck said.
“As we celebrate Scheck’s 30th year in business, we are excited about the wealth of knowledge and leadership ability Randy brings to drive our continued success and to execute the initiatives set forth for our organization in a manner consistent with the values of the Scheck Family.”

“My sons Michael, Rick and Chris and I believe that Randy has the energy, experience and skill to drive Scheck Industries to continued prosperity for the Company’s next 30 years.”
In addition, Karen Layng will assume the role of chief strategic officer, while continuing to act as general counsel. Along with leading Scheck’s legal activities, Ms. Layng will focus on corporate strategic growth opportunities.

Rick Scheck will assume the role of vice president of business development and marketing for Scheck Industries. Rick will now lead sales and marketing efforts within all market sectors. Mr. Scheck is the 3rd generation from his family in this business and will be a key driver of the organization’s growth in the coming years.