Board of Directors

Richard Scheck
Chairman of the Board
Rich Scheck began his career in the construction industry in 1962 when he enrolled as an apprentice in Washburn Trade School and in 1967 graduated as a pipefitter journeyman of Local Union 597 in Chicago. In May of 1984 Richard Scheck started Scheck Mechanical Corporation where his goal was to create a small, reputable piping business in the Chicago area.
Randy C. Peach
Director and President/CEO of Scheck Industries
Randy Peach is the President/CEO of Scheck Industries and its family of Companies. He has over 30 years of extensive construction expertise and experience in heavy industrial piping, boiler and process controls construction at all levels, including field and management. Randy started with Scheck in 2001, and is one of its longest tenured employees.
Judy Scheck
Judy Scheck, wife of Richard Scheck joined the Board of Scheck Industries in 2017. Judy has been an active member of the company for many years, spearheading the planning, organization and execution of corporate events while remaining actively engaged as a shareholder in the strategic planning for the future growth of the companies.
Kathy Dalmer

Kathy started with Richard Scheck in 1984 when the company was first formed and served as the company’s first Controller.  When the business began, there was Richard Scheck and Kathy, and a handful of pipefitters in the field.  Kathy describes those as fun times and confirms that the loyalty to Scheck has prevailed to this day.  Kathy’s favorite thing to do is hang with her 9 year old grandson, Jake.  He makes Kathy smile every day.